Preventive Dentistry

There are three important components that we consider in preventive dentistry.

  1. Good nutrition
  2. Daily oral care
  3. Routine professional care​

At Aesthetic Dentistry, we offer comprehensive preventive care services and thorough dental cleanings. With each preventive care visit Dr. Wilson includes an oral cancer screening, screening for gum disease and screening for tooth decay. Dr. Wilson also spends time discussing the benefits of a healthful diet and the importance of avoiding high sugar foods and beverages with all of his patients. Long term prevention and care for his patients is something that sets Dr. Wilson apart from many dentist. He truly cares about the overall health and well being of his patients.


Numerous studies show a link between gum disease and other chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Gum disease can be a serious problem and is very prevalent, affecting as many as three in every four adults (according to the American Dental Association). Gum disease is highly preventable and treatable.

Regular dental visits that include periodontal screening are critical to preventing and treating gum disease. Often patients who have gum disease have not been seeing the dentist regularly. Gum disease can be painless in the early stages and is another reason that preventive care is so important. Like most diseases, when found early, treatment is most successful. Aesthetic Dentistry is happy to answer any questions and concerns you have about preventive dentistry and is only a phone call away.